Wildlife Safari 2 - Ham Green

A second wildlife safari (a follow-up to Wildlife Safari 1 - Pill fields) for families took place in late summer and focused on the other end of Pill village - this area is Ham Green and has quite different environments to the fields, ponds and copses of the first event.

Volunteers from Pass It On Young Sports and the Total Angler offered taster fishing sessions for youngsters at Ham Green Lake, while an exploration through the riverside woods (which is Open Access Land - follow this link and type in your postcode to see other Open Access Land in your area) revealed late summer wildflowers and insects and views to the river and heronry.

Local beekeeper Peter Grinden keeps his hives in the lovely gardens of the Penny Brohn Cancer Care Centre. In the shade of the trees Peter demonstrated the equipment he uses for keeping bees and explained about their complex behaviour and life cycles.

In the  evening the Pill and Ham Green Community Orchard made a fine venue for a moth and bat discovery event – also led by local volunteers – attended by over 50 people of all ages who brought picnics and enjoyed a bonfire.

The responses to both these events were heartening and it has opened up the eyes of some residents to the wonderful resources we have on our doorstep, but the values of getting children stuck-in to the wild world were made abundantly clear – look at the photos for the evidence!You can see photographs of both the Wildlife Safari events on the Local Journeys' flickr pages and find out more detail of the day's activities on the Local Journeys' blog