Walking with Cameras in Golden Valley

On  a November afternoon in 2008 a group of people met to walk through an autumn woodland with their cameras. Buried in the woods are the remains of an ochre factory. There is evidence ochre all around, in the deep red colours of the soil and the remains of the buildings are also stained red.

When the factory was was still operating the fast running River Boyd ran red and the workers' skins were stained red. The industry closed in the 1970s.

The group of photographers captured the glowing autumn leaves, the red walls and ground, but also the geological layers of the quarry that can be viewed from the panorama point and later a man taking a Harris hawk for a walk.

A rich medley of images captured on that November afternoon. The event was arranged by John Morris of the Wild Roots project at Soulth Gloucestershire Council and facilitated by Peter Milner from Local Journeys.

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