Stormy Weather

Local Journeys, in partnership with the National Trust, has been organising an exciting programme of exhibitions, learning activities and journeys focussed on the dramatic headland of Brean Down. The projects have and will involve schools, visual artists, scientists, musicians, photographers as well as interested visitors to Brean Down.



Kites at Brean – kite making and kite flying workshops. Brean beach is a brilliant place for flying kites – lots of space and a steady breeze almost guaranteed. You can also make your own kite for a few pence. Click though to see our efforts and find a template that will make a brilliant kite from a polythene bag, two sticks and a length of string click here for more information

Past Stormy Weather projectsPast projects organised by Local Journeys are below. Also see National Trust website.

Exhibition 'Light at Brean'The first event was an exhibiton Ruth Ander's beautiful mono-prints of sea and landscapes as seen from Brean Down . The exhibition was upstairs in the the Brean Cove Cafe during July 2011. Click here for more information.

Brean Family Day Out In July 2011 families from Weston's South Ward came to to find out what Brean had to offer. With cameras and sound  equipment both children and adults recorded their impressions of a truly splendid day. Click here for more information

Beside the Sea Beach exploration and print workshop with children from year 6 at Berrow Primary School. A very enjoyable day in July with great results that will lead to some new decoration in Brean Cafe. Click here for more information.

Music and video project 'Channel Weather Symmetry' This very exciting project combines new music by sound artist Geraint Ffrancon and video by Nicky Brown. The work will respond to the weather – clouds, sunshine and rain – as it rolls in up the Bristol Channel. The viewpoints will be both from Brean Down and Rhossili, in South Wales.  The work will not be complete until spring 2012. Click here for more information.

There will be more information about forthcoming projects at Brean soon.