Poetry journey around Bristol's Floating Harbour – read or listen to the whole poem by Ralph Hoyte

An epic poem that can be read or listened to as an accompaniment to a walk around Bristol's Floating Harbour.

With the completion of the redevelopment of Cannon's Marsh, it was possible to walk a circuit of the western end of the historic docks. As a part of the Floating Harbour 200 in 2009 celebrations Bristol based poet Ralph Hoyte was commisioned to compose a poem, or series of poems to illuminate or entertain a walking audience.

Ralph researched the the history of the docks - the inland harbour which had brought the city of Bristol into existence and connected it with the wider world through trade and commerce. Ralph celebrates these connections in his poem and draws out the particularities of the different areas of dockland and their associations with different actvities and commodities – shipbuilding or tobacco and wine

Download Ralph's poems and map – links in the LH column.

above: Ralph also worked with year 6 children at Hotwells School and visted the Underfall Yard with them. The result was some inspiring poems, that were combined with photographs the young people had taken to create some unique poetry collages – see project: Hotwells School & the Underfall Yard.

above: Poetry launch at the Grain Barge

The project was funded by Bristol City Council's Single Project Fund.

Download Ralph's poems and map – links in the LH column.