Poetry and Places – Why the Avon Gorge?

This a retelling of a story remembered. The original story featuring the giants Vincent and Gorham is apparently quite old, first written down in the 16th century – whether it stretches back into antiquity is another matter. Anyway the story has been pulled and pushed about to explain various geological features in the Gorge and surrounding landscape. You can find out more here.

There was an account of the story on an interpretation board in the Gorge but because it's situated in the Gorge's no. 1 graffiti zone it has been decorated, so that nothing is legible now (see above left). But at least it invites a bit of speculation. So this is a retelling of the story from memory so it has slightly reshaped itself through imagination. But that is what stories are meant to do.

You can download a PDF of the whole poem layout here.

 application/pdf iconWhy the Avon Gorge finalrdc.pdf