Music on Mendip

The Music on Mendip project brings you the creative results of a collaboration between Duncan Speakman and over 40 GCSE music students and their tutors from Churchill School – new music inspired by Dolebury Warren, one of the most evocative sites in the Mendips.

Churchill Community School has reputation for excellence in music. Both teaching staff and students were enthusiastic about finding inspiration for music in their local landscape – the Mendip Hills are right on their doorstep.

Duncan Speakman is a Bristol based sound artist and composer with an international reputation for innovative work using location aware technology.

Music While you Walk – there is music by Churchill GCSE music students as well as music by Duncan Speakman himself. You can also download different versions of the music – mp3 files that you can download on your computer and be listened to on your iPod or other mp3 player – see below and left hand column .

The students have each chosen a specific location on Dolebury Warren to inspire their music. Using the new GPS-based technology you will be able to walk across Dolebury Warren and hear the music, and hear it change as you pass through each of these locations.

iPhone users can download an application to do this (see below), and it is expected that an Android version will be available in the coming months.

download the PDF: Introduction to the Project – includes maps and background information   MoM-PDF.pdf

watch a video relating to the project

download the latest newletter – includes information about the public event Sunday May 8th 2011 newletter

to listen to the sound files – click on the links to the mp3 files below or in lefthand column

maps of site with music zones are contained in the 'Introduction to the Project'  MoM-PDF.pdf

to download the sound files – click on the links to the mp3 files below or in lefthand column – right-click (on a PC) or control-click (on a Mac) and choose an option such as "Download file" or "Open in iTunes"

to download for iphone 

1. Go to app store and search for 'Calvium'. Download free Calvium player

2. Run Calvium player on iPhone

3. Press the '+' symbol in top right of screen

4. Type into empty/unlabelled box

5. Press 'add from URL'

6. You will see bar downloading, once complete press the arrow on right hand side to get to the next screen

7. Press 'play' 

Duncan Speakman mp3 download - 'We ran until we had no air for words'


Churchill Student mp3 downloads

Suzy Allen   Suzy_Allen.mp3

Rosie Barcham   Rosie_Barcham.mp3

Tom Bryant    Tom_Bryant.mp3

Luke Dyer-Mills   Luke_Dyer-Mills.mp3

Dave Elliott   Dave_Elliott.mp3

Beth Galloway  Beth_Galloway.mp3

Georgia Gammon   Georgia_Gammon.mp3

Oliver Glaisyer   Oliver_Glaisyer.mp3

Luke Graham  Luke_Graham.mp3

Holly Greenwood-Rogers   Holly_Greenwood-Rogers.mp3

Brony Grey   Brony_Grey.mp3

Breze Harding   Breze_Harding.mp3 

Nuala Harding  Nuala_Harding.mp3

Sam Harding   Sam_Harding.mp3

Patrick Hegarty   Patrick_Hegarty.mp3

Natalie Hunter   Natalie_Hunter.mp3

Jon Innes   Jon_Innes.mp3

April Kirby  April_Kirby.mp3

Tamara Lewis   Tamara_Lewis.mp3

Angus Macleod   Angus_Macleod.mp3

Dylan Mallett   Dylan_Mallet.mp3

Niall Massey   Niall_Massey.mp3

Harry Millard   Harry_Millard.mp3

Aimee Ratcliffe   Aimee_Ratcliffe.mp3

Aliyah Rendall    Aliyah_Rendall.mp3

Emily Sherwood   Emily_Sherwood.mp3

Luke Smith   Luke_Smith.mp3

Suzie Uddin   Suzie_Uddin.mp3

Who helped it happen? The project has been financially supported by Find Your Talent – a scheme run by North Somerset Council to encourage creativity and cultural activity in schools and amongst young people. It was also supported by Mendip Hills AONB Sustainable Development Fund, which seeks to create stronger ties between the landscape and the community and find new sustainable ways of enjoying the Mendip landscape.

The project was also supported by the Pervasive Media Studio, which is part of the Watershed Media Centre in Bristol, who gave advice and lent equipment.