Malago Trek '09

For the past few years there has been an annual walk following the Malago and Pigeonhouse Streams to the nominated source of the Malago on Dundry Hill.

The streamside areas are mostly green and much of both their courses flow through public open space. Join up these spaces and you have a green corridor through the suburbs of south Bristol that links the city with countryside.

The 2009 Trek was on a sunny September day. The group of walkers was accompanied by musicians and it had also been arranged for the group to meet up with several people who knew about the local areas, the wildlife and arts projects along the streams.

The walk had been organised and arranged by Helen Adshead of the South Bristol Riverscapes Project. Web links to this and other local organisations can be found in the lefthand column of the Malago Spring journey page.

See audio slideshow Malago Trek '09