Pill Longshore seat, geocaches and guide


It doesn't take long for a footpath to become overgrown and fall into disuse. Here two geocaches, or hidden 'treasure boxes', as well as a new seat and information board, alongside some good old-fashioned footpath maintenance were used to encourage people to use this public right of way and bring it back to life.

This footpath used to be part of a network of paths and lanes that served the coastal levels and saltmarsh area that bordered the southern side of the River Avon. By the 1990s the expansion of dockland on this side of the Avon had all but excluded the casual walker. There was just a stub of public footpath following the Old Sea Bank out towards the mouth of the river and as it became less used it became overgrown by scrub. By 2008 it was all but impassible and needed rescuing.

Bristol Port Company agreed to fund the initial clearance. The path is now maintained by the Pill & Easton-in-Gordano Parish Council Footpaths Group.

In 2010 funds had been raised from Yansec and the Bristol Port Company to install a seat and information board as a destination at the end of the path and the route publicised locally. Two geocaches or hidden 'treasure boxes' (find out more here) encourage a moderate flow of visitors from other places. 

There is also a guide to the path which you can download here and either print or download to your smartphone. Paper copies should also be available from the Pill Community Resouce Centre which is in the shopping precinct, Baltic Place, in the middle of the village. you may have to ask them to print one off for you application/pdf iconLongshore leaflet new.pdf

top left: Cars, Cars, Cars geocache by Peter Milner is not under the M5 bridge, but somewhere else along the path. If you want to find it you'll need to join the geocaching fraternity - go to www.geocaching.com

top right: Steve Joyce installs the seat and information board in February 2010. This furniture was designed by Steve Joyce and Peter Milner. Peter Milner  designed and wrote the layout for the board

below: Birds, Birds, Birds geocache set in memory of Lindy Clark who had an affinity with the natural world and whose hand-cut rubberstamps were mini masterpieces of graphic art.

bottom: A downloadable guide to the walk illustrated with Linda Clark's stamps application/pdf iconLongshore leaflet new.pdf