Bristol Docks in detail - photo exploration

A vigorous project with talented AS level students produced some remakable photographs, imaginatively presented.

St Mary Redcliffe School has a reputation for excellence in visual arts.  In September 2009 photographer Liz Milner met first year AS level photography students (16-17 yrs) as well as their enthusiatic tutor Sharman Jupp.

The school is close to the central and eastern area of Bristol Docks. St Mary Redclffe Church is also known as the Sailors' Church. Redcliffe was the home of rich Bristol merchants in the mediaeval period. There have been several eras in the history of Bristol's harbour since then and they have all left traces in the character and details of the Docks.

The students investigated the Docklands between Princes Street Bridge and Temple Meads, exploring the dockside as well as taking the ferry to view the harbour from the water.

The sudents also went to view the photographic archives at Bristol's Industrial Museum (now 'M Shed'). Curator Andy King was able to show them a range of photographs of the harbour, from the 1840s onward – fascinating not only for what the photos portrayed but also the evolving technology of 'taking pictures'. They were also able to examine a range of vintage cameras.

Liz Milner was also able to demonstrate, by showing the students her own work, that there were different ways of presenting photos that could enhance photographs and make them more expressive

In January 2010 an exhibition of the work was held in The Benjamin Perry Boathouse on Redcliffe Quay, this later transferred to the offices of Osborne Clarke on Temple Quay.

Project was arranged and coordinated by Local Journeys and funded by Floating Harbour 200.