Brean Family Day Out

On a sunny and breezy day in July 2011 Weston families came on a trip to Brean. They had an absorbing time uncovering the history of Brean Down and a lot of fun creating new stories with storyteller Martin Maudsley.

Expert guide Ian Blake led a walk over the Down in the morning – a Roman temple, Bronze Age village and giant concrete arrow pointing the way for World War II paractice bombing runs were just a few of the things discovered. In the afternoon the visitors enjoyed a fish bake and toasted marshmallows before exploring the beach with storyteller Martin Maudsley.

Both adults and children had cameras to take photos and shared a sound recorder to collect voices and natural sounds. This would become the raw material for two audio slideshows.

The following day the children participated in a music workshop with sound artist Liz Purnell to create another dimension to the soundtracks.

You can download both audio-slideshows by clicking here - Brean family day out slideshow 1 and here Storytelling on Brean Beach

STORY SEAT – listen to Davy and the Devil written and read by Martin Maudsley – link in the LH column

At the eastern end of Brean Down you will find bench with a burn mark on its seat. Take a look and you might see what Martin Maudsley did – a portrait of Old Nick. And this inspired a story for Brean Down – Davy and the Devil. Listen and enjoy, or even better download it to your MP3 player and listen to it on this bench on Brean Down looking out across the bay. Link in the lefthand column.