Beside the Sea

In July 2011 pupils from Berrow CofE Primary had an exciting morning at Brean. The 11 year olds fished in rock pools and dug in the sand for worms and shellfish. Hundreds of shrimps were caught, some small fish and very fierce crabs.

Large patterns made from hundreds of shells were made and a giant lugworm was sculpted out of sand.The young people also learnt about the other birds and animals that depended on the beach, cliffs and tidal Bristol Channel for their livelihood.

In the afternoon the children participated in a printing workshop, creating images of the wildlife as well as the holidaymakers who also enjoy the sands.

The artwork will be used to embellish plates and wall panels that will be a part of the redecoration of the cafe that will be ready for spring 2012.

The artwork has also inspired a story 'The Sandman of Brean' which you can download as a PDF. Please see the lefthand column.

The whole project, called ‘Beside the Sea’, was coordinated by a team from Local Journeys – Fiona Matthews, Chris Williams and Peter Milner –  in collaboration with the National Trust – Outdoor Experience Officer Tamsin Mosse.