North Somerset coastal path Clevedon - Portishead

The walk between Clevedon and Portishead can be stunning – raw, beautiful and wild.

The footpath is sometimes enfolded in hedges that have been sculpted by the weather into impressive shapes. There are some pebbly and rocky beaches you can get down to and marvel at the complex geology of the sandstone – laid down in ancient deserts but now bent and folded.

Houses clamouring for a sea view, built in the last few decades, intrude in some places. But between the towns there are several miles of wonderful sea and land scapes. 

Lots of flowers in spring and summer, plenty of birds and even the odd seal – a feast.



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How to get here

You can join the coastal path in several places. You can walk out from the towns or follow footpaths that link to the coast road, Walton Street. There are places to park on Walton Street the sea side of Walton-in- Gordano. Other parking places on this rather narrow road need to be chosen with care. It is unclear at the moment of writing whether there still a bus route along the coast road.

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