Hanging Hill Wood and Colliter's Brook

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Hanging Hill Wood is a fragment of exquisite woodland. Carpeted with ransoms and bluebells in Spring and with the Colliter's Brook winding through it, clear and bright. It is a fitting goal for a walk up the Colliter's Brook from its outfall into the New Cut close to the Create Centre on the Cumberland Basin.

A journey up the stream takes you through suburban Bristol, Bristol City Football Ground and an industrial estate until you cross a railway line and are plunged into a green tunnel through trees and bushes with the stream gurgling along by your side.

The path takes you along the backs of houses and small factories and alongside landfill sites until finally you appear to be amongst old meadows and mature woodland has a feeling of unchanging tranquility. But change and disturbance is all around. This is exemplified by the 'waterfall' at the end of the walk through Hanging Hill Wood.

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Hanging Hill Wood
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