Rhubarb and ginger jam

The flavours of rhubarb and ginger work really well together – warm, spicy and fruity. So this is a delicious jam, great on toast and brilliant as a sauce for sponge puddings. Comfort food for cold and rainy days.

But rhubarb is low in pectin and notoriously difficult to persuade to set – so resign yourself to using jam sugar (with added pectin) or a bottle of Certo, and save yourself a lot of time and trouble.

You will need for approx 5 jars–

1  kilo of prepared rhubarb    1 kilo sugar    juice of 2 lemon    approx 100 grams of crystaline or preserved stem ginger, chopped    half a bottle of Certo if not using jam suga

Wash your jars and have them drying them in a low oven

Clean and trim the rhubarb. Cut into chunks not more than 2 cm long. Layer in a preserving pan with the sugar (beginning with a layer of the sugar). Leave for a few hours or overnight. You'll discover that the sugar has now been converted into syrup. Add lemon juice and chopped ginger.

Bring slowly to full rolling boil, stirring gently but frequently. Allow to boil for between 2 - 6 minutes. Use a jam thermometer to make sure you've reached setting point and depending whether you've using Certo or jam sugar follow the advice on the respective labels. Test for set by putting a blob on a cold saucer and see if the surface readily forms a skin.

Allow jam to cool for 5 minutes then fill jars, cover and label.