About Local Journeys

You don't have to go very far in the West of England to find somewhere interesting or beautiful – there are a range of landscapes, a coastline, quiet stretches of rivers and streams, lovely countryside, two extraordinary and busy cities as well as towns and villages with their own characters.

There are a host of places to go to and, if you live in the West of England, you can travel there, explore and come back home again in a few hours.

Local Journeys is a Community Interest Company. We work in the community's interest and our business is to encourage and enable people to enjoy, understand and appreciate our local landscapes.

Local Journeys, in partnership with other organisations, also arranges projects with schools and community groups to discover the world in different ways - through the arts, sciences and straightforward curiosity. Sometimes a project will also create an activity that a wider audiences can participate in such as listening to stories, poetry or music inspired by these landscapes or by following a trail. There are many possibilities.

Through the Local Journeys website we are open to promoting or publishing other people's work where that also illuminates or celebrates places and environments in these landscapes.

Food is also an expression of the landscape in which it grows. Food grows here in abundance and there is a wide range of local food shops, farm shops, roadside stalls and farmers markets. The ingredients for a meal can be gathered by stopping off at a farm shop on the way back from a walk or bike ride. You'll find local food shops on the map.

And wild food can be gathered from meadows, woods and hedgerows – collecting elderflowers or blackberries are good enough reasons for local journeys in themselves and a great way to celebrate the seasons. You'll find a growing list of recipes on the food pages.

Anyway these are the ideas behind Local Journeys. Exercise, enjoyment, engagement of the mind and senses and healthy eating – and finding this locally and affordably

Local Journeys core team is Peter Milner, Fiona Matthews, Rob Harvey. Local Journeys works with teachers, historians, naturalists, photographers, storytellers, illustrators, filmmakers, chefs, farmers, poets, beekeepers, mariners, musicians ... and we'll add to this list as time goes by.